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Think about Russian speaking clients!

When you dealing with Russian clients availability of materials in Russian required and crucial for success!

The majority of the population in the former USSR countries are Russian-speakers. With us, you can market to 200 million people from the Baltic countries and Belarus to Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Asia, Caucasus and Balkan countries.

Russia is the biggest country in the world, covering approximately one sixth of the Earth's land surface with a population 142 million.

The Russian Diaspora in Europe consists of 36 million people. Our major targets are:

Ireland - 85,000 people

London – 800,000 people

Germany – 6,000,000 people

France – 300,000 people

Czech Republic – 350,000 people



Russians – huge potential for Irish travel, education and mass media market

47.8 million went abroad in 2012

15.8 million traveled on holidays in 2012

1.2 million traveled to Spain in 2012. A 40% increase since 2011.

On average, Russians spend €111 per day. In 2010 Russian tourists spent 5 billion Euro in Italy alone

Russian economy grew by 4,5% in 2011

71% of Russians do not speak English

78% do not use travel agencies

Hot travel season for Russians are in the months of January, May, July August and November

In Ireland

141153 PPS Number was issued for former members of Soviet Union Countries

13567 Work permits issued in 2008

About 8000 refugee status granted

About 2000 families have Irish born children

About 25000 families in Ireland claim that using Russian language at home according to census 2011




Why market in the Russian language?

Russian people prefer information in their own language. They are a lot more likely to open links leading to Russian language sites than any others.

Out of the 142 million Russians, 62 million are connected to the internet.

102 million use mobile phones and social networds. 18% of those use smartphones.

Russians primarily use Russian social networks such as VKontakte and Odnoklassniki. Websites like Facebook and Twitter are not very widely used by Russians.

Over 100 million people use Russian social networks.

The most popular search engines in Russia are Yandex and Rambler. Google and Yahoo are used, but not as widely as the two Russian engines.



What you need to remember when sourcing Russian clients?

Travel season

Understand Russian customer’s insight

Organise Russian customer service, preferably via Skype or a local Russian number, and in house service

Create brochures, signs, menu, information leaflets, WEB pages etc. in the Russian language

Using Russian social media is greatly beneficial

Get more Russian reviews and ratings

Consider Russian apps for mobile devices

Cross marketing with industries


We cater our services to a wide variety of businesses, including:

Hotels, resorts, tourist attractions

Schools of English, educational institutions, post graduate and MBA

Mass media looking to sell consumer goods, food and services to Russian clients


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