Russian language promotional materials and marketing translation

Carefully translated marketing materials are critical to the success of any company in the international marketplace. As too many companies have learned, when you want to create a favorable first impression, there’s no room for error in translated marketing materials.

What’s the secret to success? Work with an experienced marketing translation services provider who offers the in-depth expertise and the necessary resources to handle all your marketing channels, from print campaigns to the Internet and beyond. offers all the marketing translation capabilities and support resources you need.

We can provide comprehensive marketing translation services to companies of all sizes and industries. Our clients rely on us to ensure that their marketing materials are expertly translated, relevant and informative for all of our customers’ locales. We routinely translate:

• Multimedia presentations 

• Sales materials

• Articles

• Advertising campaigns

• Sales proposals

• Newsletters

• Press releases and kits

• Promotional materials

• Signage

• Customer testimonials

• Advertising campaigns

• Web sites

• Product catalogs

• e-marketing campaigns

• Video content

• Product packaging

• Promotional letters

• Public relations

• Television commercials

• Training materials


All translations are performed by credentialed subject matter experts and linguists, and managed by a professional project manager to ensure that your materials are accurately translated and delivered on time, every time.

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