About us

We have more than 25 years experience in international business and more than 15 years in international marketing and media. Over 14 years experience in printing and web media, social media and more than 7 year community development leadership.

We have the best knowledge of Russian Media Market in Ireland and the best connections to design makers in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine.

We have experience in branding and rebranding in marketing for international brands, such us: Smirnoff, Russian Standard, S7 Airlines, Skynet Airlines, Travelex Money Transfers, Western Union, LCC Transwerno,

We can provide the best solution for SSM services in Russian social networks such as: Odnoklassniki.ru, Vk.ru, Livejournal.com

We have the best connections to printing media in Russia and Russian language media abroad.

We are involved in following organisations:
Irish – Russian Business Association  (IRBA)
World Association of Russian Press  (WARP)
European Russian Alliance (ERA)
Awards received
2007 Certificate of Merit from Russian Community in Britain
2009 Certificate of Merit from International Council for Russian Compatriots
2010 Certificate of Merit from Lord Mayor of Dublin
2011 Certificate of Merit from Prime Minister of Russia
2012 MAMA award Dublin (Media multicultural)
Projects done
Russian Festival of Russian culture  in Dublin 2010-2013
Russian newspaper “Nasha Gazeta” www.nashagazeta.com  and WEB Portal  www.russianireland.com
 Lithuanian newspaper “Lietuvis” www.lietuvis.ie
 Latvian newspaper “Sveiks” www.sveiks.ie
Russian Tabloid “Komsomolskaya Pravda” UK & Ireland www.komsomolskayapravda.co.uk  World Media Distribution –  press distribution service in Ireland and UK
Research Needs Assessment for Russian community in Ireland 2004 2008
East European Forum & Exhibition 2008, 2009
New communities Expo 2007
Book “Russians in Ireland”
Vodka Smirnoff rebranding
Promotion in Ireland of:
     - "Russian Standard" Vodka
     - "Stolichny Doktor" Vodka
     - "Flagman" Vodka
First Vodka drinking championship
S7 airline Moscow – Dublin direct flight
Aeroflot Russian international airline Moscow – Ireland flights
World Association of Russian press meeting in Dublin

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Tel. +353879034587


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